Welcome to the All New Cork & Candles Franchising Site

May 2, 2024
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Cork & Candles has officially launched our redesigned website for franchising. This new experience is our home on the web for promoting our new franchise locations, providing information for potential franchisees, and a hub for our existing franchisees. The growth that the Cork & Candles family has experienced in the past year has convinced us to seek out like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to help us expand our locations and footprint.

The site provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that includes all the information needed to apply for and build a successful Cork & Candles franchise, including access to our strategic funding partner. Our goal is to recruit potential franchisees as well as provide resources, training, support, and expertise to our existing franchisee family.

We know that franchising isn’t the right fit for everyone, just as entrepreneurship isn’t universally appealing. However, for individuals inclined towards problem-solving and business ownership, franchising presents an enticing avenue. By providing an online hub that expedites the path to launch, alleviates administrative burdens, preempts costly mistakes, and serves as a professional support network, we allow our franchisees to focus on building their business. Explore the Cork & Candles franchising website to see all the ways joining our family can benefit you.

At Cork & Candles, we foster an environment where our franchisees benefit themselves and the larger Cork & Candles family. Inquire about becoming a Cork & Candles franchisee today!